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Making a form look great with Segment Controls

So how do I make my form a bit more exciting? You can add the normal controls like radio buttons and drop down lists, but what about something more visually appealing to the eye? Well how about a segment control?

Segment controls collect information in the same way as radio buttons or drop down lists, but instead of just checking a box or choosing a word from a list, you select a symbol, whether it’ a tick, a ‘thumbs up’, a smiley face etc.

Let me show you an example.

I’ve created a simple form with Page Breaks and Explorer Labels. There’s only one question but you can make yours as detailed as you want. You don’t have to add the Explorer Labels.

The first control I’ve added is a Radio Button. Just click and drag the field to the form designer and add the options.

Now add a Drop Down List field to the form, and add the same options.

Click and drag the Segment Control field to the form designer, give it a name and click on the form field properties (‘here’) to take you to the segment control editor.

You can have a segment control that is just words, or make it a bit more interesting with icons. Let’s see the words option first.

When you first open the segment control editor you will see this screen. The mode is always set to Text Mode and there are always three options as default.

Keep the mode to Text Mode, then click in the first Segment and change the wording to ‘Good’. Then change the others to ‘Average’ and ‘Bad’. You can add more segments clicking ‘Drag to add New Segment’ and dragging over, or delete a segment by clicking and dragging them to the segment bin.

When you are happy with your choices click ‘Save’ and you will return to the form designer.

Now let’s try adding icons. Add another segment control field to the form, click ‘here’ and change the mode to Icon Mode.

Choose your icons and drag to the segment editor. I’ve chosen the bar chart but there are plenty to choose from. Again, you can add or delete segments.

When you’re happy with your choices click ‘Save’, and remember to Save your form when you’re finished.

Log in to the app with

Username – blog Password – blog

Then choose the form called ‘9 – Making a form look great with segment control’

Your segment control will look like this after you have selected the option.


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