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Mobile Form Builder

Do you want to quickly transform your existing paper forms and processes and start to use a mobile solution instead?


With our simple-to-use Form Builder, you can swiftly and easily streamline your business. Take your paper-based forms and use our easy to use form building tools to replicate them digitally.

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Easy to Use Drag & Drop

Our easy-to-use drag & drop form builder allows you to quickly build your own powerful ‘digital’ based mobile app forms.


Simply choose a tool from the toolbox and drag it onto the canvas, it’s as easy as that! We provide all the support and training help you along the way. We can even build the forms on your behalf.

What's more, you can build your forms once and then use them on any device. This might be an Android tablet an iPhone or even a good old desktop PC! Once you’ve moved from the paper world into the digital world you can begin to make your forms smart.


Searchable Drop-Down List

Add drop-down lists to make data entry quicker, easier and more consistent.

Create linked lists that allow you to filter down on data, e.g. select a car make, select a model, select and engine size.

Create lists from your own database. For example, populate a lists with your own product categories, SKU codes and prices.

Calculations and Business Rules

Use ‘Excel Style’ formulas to build further intelligence into your forms and take the burden away from your field workers.

Perform calculations on numbers and dates. Build complex rules to validate data and ensure that you get better quality data at the source.


Skip Logic

Build additional intelligence into your forms using ‘skip-logic’ – allowing one question to jump to another based on the answer.

Use this to improve workflow and reduce training requirements

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