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WorkMobile for Facilities Management

Find out how Nurture Landscapes see WorkMobile as a key platform in its mobile workforce transformation

Go Paperless

Eliminate paper forms and capture data by using the WorkMobile App on a mobile device.

Data Capture

Facilities Managers working in areas such as, property management, building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, catering, health and safety, or utilities can all use WorkMobile to capture valuable data. Delivering Operational Efficiency and ROI

Quick and Secure

You can create business relevant mobile forms in minutes. Data is encrypted at the point of capture, transfer and server hosting.

Job Allocation and Workflow

WorkMobile complete Job Allocation and Workflow Management solution. Mobile forms can be changed, updated and pushed to your mobile workers instantly.

Management Reporting

Monitor maintenance ratios and reduce equipment costs. Forms can be returned to your central office, geo-location and time-stamped with signatures, photos, QR and barcode scans.

Reduce Operating Costs

WorkMobile can improve efficiency in facilities management, by reducing operating costs whilst increasing productivity.

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