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Facilities Management Case Study

Landscaping company reaps the benefits of going paperless

A national landscaping contractor has improved business productivity, made substantial cost savings and boosted its environmental credentials by embracing digital innovation.


By taking a paperless approach via WorkMobile’s mobile data capture app, Nurture Landscapes has streamlined its processes, saving a significant amount of resource by reducing time spent on filing and data entry.


Launched in 2008, Nurture Landscapes is now a multi-award winning contractor with 31 depots and over 1000 staff, with a focus on business to business landscape maintenance.


Before engaging with WorkMobile, the business was heavily reliant on paper-based systems. The company recognised that the sheer volume of paperwork, the time and cost involved with the completing and circulating of documents around various UK offices, and the filing and storage of paperwork was having a detrimental effect to its productivity.


Realising that a digital solution could help to manage its data more effectively, Nurture Landscapes initially trialled WorkMobile for eight weeks. It has since adopted the system as a permanent solution, with over 500 users across the company.

“WorkMobile has eradicated our previous paperwork issues and completely changed our working capacity. We couldn’t now envisage being without it.”

WorkMobile’s flexible form designer and reporting abilities has meant that Nurture Landscapes is able to quickly build its own custom forms, collect and analyse data and deliver full site audits and risk assessments to clients at the click of a button.


Paul Bean, deputy managing director at Nurture Landscapes, said: “WorkMobile has taken us to the next level of data capture, helping to ensure that we work smart, with as little carbon footprint as possible.


“The ability to build and adapt forms in-house and quickly retrieve information means that we can react very quickly to changes in the business environment and provide a highly professional standard of service.

“The team at WorkMobile has a proactive attitude to delivering the requirements of our business. With the product constantly evolving, we are able to continue to adapt it to our needs and we’re currently having a customer facing portal built that will enable clients to view their own jobs and sites and what work has been completed.

“WorkMobile has eradicated our previous paperwork issues and completely changed our working capacity. We couldn’t now envisage being without it.”


Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “Relying on out-of-date physical paperwork can cause numerous issues - lost documents, inaccuracies and wasted time being just a few - hindering business growth and productivity.


“By embracing digital transformation, Nurture Landscapes has eradicated these challenges  and revolutionised the way it works, saving time, money and becoming more sustainable at the same time.


“Our workflow solutions suit all industry spectrums and all sizes of organisations, offering an innovative and cost-effective way to go paper-free.”

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