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Data Capture For Charities

Mobile Data Capture

Sending people out to canvass for you on the streets can be plagued with logistical challenges. Organizing your employees’ day or week most efficiently and making sure they spend as much time as possible with potential donors can all be simplified with WorkMobile.

You can create your own mobile data capture forms on our website. These can be sent through our mobile App for your staff to populate with information about leads or any other type of data you require. You can design and create your own forms and jobs because you are in control of the type of information your street canvassers acquire.

Global Reach

WorkMobile will allow you to access and update your forms and reports anytime, anywhere. An advantage to charities with global concerns for whom working in the field means working in another country.

Report Building

Build professional reports simply with WorkMobile. The production of professional reports will help assure charity commissions and the public of your integrity.

Collect Regular Donations

Setting up donations for charities couldn’t be simpler with our paperless forms as fund-raising activities can be made more efficient with built-in social media integration and real-time email campaigns with email address and postal address validation.

Environmentally Friendly

More than averagely of the crisis that is upon us in consequence of our exploitation of the ‘planet’s lungs’. Cutting paper use with WorkMobile is an act of solidarity with that end.

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