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Document Sharing

Printing and distributing documents and manuals to a remote workforce can be costly and time-consuming.


Factor in the costs of providing updates as well as the logistics of ensuring everyone has the latest version

and suddenly you’ve got a huge costly headache!

WorkMobiles’ Document Library feature gives you the ability to upload digital documents

(PDF’s, Word Documents, Spreadsheets etc) into a central repository.

Once in the library, documents are automatically distributed to your field force via their WorkMobile app allowing them to be viewed at any time even if they’re off-line.


Should you ever need to update a document, simply upload the new version into the document library and WorkMobile will take care of sending out the update to each mobile user.

This has a huge benefit in terms of compliance, best practice and the ease of distribution of essential documents such as Training Guides. To see how we can help you with this feature complete the request a demo form on this page to arrange a time with one of our consultants.

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