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Mobile Technology Helps Reduce Water Wastage in South West England

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Leak detection engineers from South West Water will use eSAY Mobile’s bespoke handheld PDA technology, ‘WorkMobile’, to search, locate and report progress on water leaks in South West England.

Thirty-five leak detection engineers’ trialled ‘WorkMobile’ when the project rolled out in March, to quickly locate water leaks at precise locations using in-built GPS.

Progress of leak repairs is captured electronically on ‘WorkMobile’ by users inputting data into an electronic form which stores and sends real-time data to headquarters.

An integrated camera on ‘WorkMobile’ allows engineers to capture images and instantly attach to electronic forms to update the back office of progress as it happens.

South West Water’s leak detection engineers have more time to focus on repairing leaks rather than searching for them as administrative paperwork is reduced.

Ivor Thomas, Leakage Planning Manager at South West Water said:

“South West Water needed a way to simplify and make the leak detection process more efficient. Trialling mobile technology in this way has helped us with two main areas: ensuring our engineers do not get lost when out on location looking for leak, and saving time on a huge scale. eSAY Mobile has provided an excellent customer service in developing a system that meets our specification. Gheerish, who has been at the forefront of this work, is a talented and dedicated individual and I look forward to working further with him in the future.”

Commenting on their partnership, Dr. Moneeb Awan, Managing Director at eSAY Mobile stated:

“Mobile technology has the flexibility and accuracy to save leak detection engineers time whilst on location and I am thrilled that South West Water has recognised the benefits that ‘WorkMobile’ can bring to help reduce water wastage and improve business processes. We worked with South West Water to develop a solution that best suited them and look forward to a strong partnership in the future”. View our video


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