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Memory Control – “An elephant never forgets…. and neither will you!”

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

When asked about peoples biggest bug bear at work, you can almost guarantee “completing tedious forms” will raise its ugly head fairly quickly. Have you ever felt like you are completing the same details in the same fields every day? We have, and we realised surely there must be an easier way?!

With our new memory control tool, gone are the days of inputting the same details you have already inputted previously. Simply enter any details, for example, customer address, into one initial form and any other forms with the same details will automatically be populated! Easy!

This brilliant tool saves time and reduces the chance of mistakes or information being forgotten; helping you and your workforce to concentrate on the things you do best.

Speed – Only enter information ONCE – Any information which has already been inputted will be AUTOMATICALLY populated into any further forms.

Accuracy – Information is inputted ONCE therefore reducing the risk of mistakes.

As they say an elephant never forgets… and with Memory Control, neither will you!

See the demo


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