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Making a form look great with a sketch

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Have you ever filled in a form, and thought it would be better to draw a quick diagram to illustrate a problem, whether it’s to show where an accident took place, or to sketch over a picture to demonstrate how some pipework should be fitted? Well, you can do this with the sketch control!

Adding a sketch control is very simple. Just click and drag the control to your form designer and give it a name.

On my test form, I’ve simply added a Header, and a Sketch field.

Data Capture Form using Sketch

Now save the form and try it out on a mobile device.

Login to the app with

Username – blog Password – blog

And choose the form ‘12 – Making a form look good with sketch control’

Your form will look like this; click the sketch icon, draw your sketch then click the tick. The icon will turn green.

Data Capture using sketch

Watch the Workmobile features demo here.


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