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WorkMobile Launches

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

eSAY Mobile, one of the fastest growing UK mobile technology companies brings its ground-breaking b2b application to market.

Set to revolutionise business operations worldwide by enhancing productivity, WorkMobile ( is a brand new mobile business application from eSAY Mobile.

This pioneering solution is designed to allow customised data requisition, which enables out-of-office workers to be more effective, accountable and ultimately more empowered to impact their business via their mobile device of choice, eg smartphone, tablet or laptop.

WorkMobile works across all major smartphone platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry) and is set to be a business crowd-pleaser thanks to its simplicity, multi-purpose functionality, non-restrictive transaction-based payment model and, above all, ability to show demonstrable returns on investment from day one.

It is available to download from and the iStore. Already there has been significant interest across four continents including Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Dr Moneeb Awan, managing director of eSAY Mobile, says: “We took the initiative some eighteen months ago to leverage our extensive expertise of working in the utilities management sector and apply the same common sense approach to a multi-purpose business application. The onus has been on simplicity and giving the user total control over content, execution and investment.

“United Utilities, a major utilities client, has confirmed significant time savings since using WorkMobile with 90 field engineers. The company confirmed that reporting has been reduced by 2.5 days per report and 100 tonnes of CO2 has been saved from not travelling back to the office.”

Disrupting a marketplace that has previously been dominated by costly bespoke software solutions coupled with expensive hardware, licenses and prohibitive financial lock-ins, WorkMobile allows all organisations regardless of size or turnover, the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of a customised business solution and none of the pain.

In less than ten minutes anyone can create a bespoke form using simple ‘drag and drop’ web-based technology to insert required form fields. A handy, feature-rich toolbox offers options including text input boxes, date-pickers, drop-down menus and signature capture. As the fields are dragged and dropped the form is created stage-by-stage on a virtual handset, giving the user complete control and visibility. Once satisfied with their own unique form, the user can then issue to all workers who have downloaded the free app.

Creating and issuing a form costs nothing, only once a completed form is sent back does payment have to be made on a pay-as-you-go model. With prices starting from as little as 09p per returned form, the cost is accessible to businesses of all sizes and what is more, as fields on the form can be made to be mandatory – you are only paying for information that is of value to your business. Received data is securely stored until the customer downloads to their backoffice system which can be as complex as a CRM or SAP system or as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. Store and forward technology means that internet connection is not a prerequisite of completing information – everything is created locally on users’ mobile devices and sent once internet connection is available.

Pre-launch, serious business heavyweights such as Andrew Tinkler, CEO of Stobart Group, Steve Purdham, Founder Surfcontrol and CEO and Founder We7 and Keith Curran, Founder of Yes Telecom were keen to underpin the value of this clever piece of mobile technology.

Andrew Tinkler comments: “Every business out there can benefit from this clever application. Seeing is believing. Make your phone work for you.”

There’s no costly staff training involved and as Steve Purdham comments: “It’s so simple, a primary school child could create or complete a form. The challenge for business is harnessing its power. Love it.”

From market research questionnaires, sales reports, timesheets and competitor analysis right through to patient data forms, field engineer reports, written statements, sampling, mystery shops and credit applications, its uses are limited only by the users’ imagination.

Read the original article on the Tech-e-View Mobiles site. Watch our demo here


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