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Dutch Postcode Lottery given a Boost by eSAY Mobile

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Boost Field Marketing, a Dutch Promotions company holds the remit to market the Netherlands Postcode lottery. At a huge, high-profile event, they needed mobile technology they could depend on. eSAY’s digital forms product, InFormed, fitted the bill.

Following the success of a pilot project, InFormed was chosen as the technology medium to draw the weekly Dutch Postcode Lottery. The digital forms were created in Dutch and branded as the Postcode Lottery. Boost, through ten representatives at the event, armed with PDAs, each loaded with eSAY’s InFormed software product captured applicants names and postcodes. This data was instantly filed to a secure website in the UK, from which a winner was picked at random at the end of the event.

Through the use of Mobile technologies, Boost maximised its data capture abilities and were able to run the event smoothly and securely. The benefits were impressive – in just six hours their ten representatives gathered over 2000 names and postcodes, 30% more than anticipated, and with zero mistakes. Thanks to this success Boost is looking to use InFormed with its other large European clients. The Dutch Postcode Lottery organisation, a national body, also plans to use InFormed as its primary technology for wider use in the long term.


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