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WorkMobile speeds up delivery process for KJM UK

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

KJM UK, a leading provider of specialist transport and warehousing services, is streamlining processes, saving money and delivering a smoother service thanks to a new mobile data capture solution from WorkMobile.

KJM adopted WorkMobile’s unique application to speed up delivery times by eliminating the need for paper-based forms and enabling drivers to capture data, such as drop-off times and signatures, digitally.

The mobile form and data capture solution helps businesses capture all manner of information such as data, signatures, videos and photographs onto any mobile device in real-time. Saving companies like KJM as many as 20 man hours per week, WorkMobile seeks to help businesses eliminate paperwork, reduce their carbon footprint and increase efficiency. Mobile workers on the move can easily collect, monitor and share data and update customers at the touch of a button.

Colin Yates, business programmes director at WorkMobile, said: “KJM needed to smooth out processes and drivers needed a quicker way to obtain and record proof of delivery. Using the drag-and-drop form designer, KJM can now self-manage forms by creating and amending them to suit changing customer needs.

“When completed, the proof of delivery records, including a signature and photograph, are automatically emailed to customers seamlessly. This means that back-office staff are now free to concentrate on growing the business and delivering world class customer service. They’ve even managed to reduce paper usage by tenfold.”

Karl Bell, General Manager of KJM UK, said: “WorkMobile provides the most efficient and cost effective software we could find. It manages all of the logistical and warehousing needs of the company, as well as the day-to-day operations seamlessly enhancing our customer experience through efficient, reliable and timely processes.”

KJM UK now has in excess of 60 vehicles in service, all operating from the WorkMobile application, helping to fulfil the often urgent same day needs of the company’s varied client base.

With the push for UK businesses to become greener and introduce paperless policies, mobile technology created by the likes of WorkMobile, allows firms to employ such measures whilst enjoying significant cuts to costs, speeding up processes and expanding customer bases.


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