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WorkMobile powers mobile transformation at leading contractor McNicholas

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

McNicholas has selected Manchester-based WorkMobile’s award-winning mobile data capture solution as a key platform in its mobile workforce transformation.

One of the leading providers of services to the UK’s multi-utility and rail sector, McNicholas has adopted the WorkMobile tool to replace paper-based methods of data collection, as it aims to revolutionise its site report processes and improve its cost and project management.

With site inspections a mandatory requirement for projects completed by contractors, McNicholas recognised the benefits of switching to a digital solution, in order to standardise site report forms and ensure essential project information is accurately collected.

Following a successful trial period using the cloud-based application, McNicholas has selected WorkMobile as its digital forms platform to help manage its hundreds of field-based operatives, and improve how project information is captured and reported. Adopting the mobile technology has enabled McNicholas to become more agile and improve the accuracy of its site reports, meaning that concise project data can be fed back to clients more quickly and accurately.

The initial deployment with teams working in the rail sector has seen 15 different project sites equipped with the technology as well as specialist roving survey teams, with this planned to expand significantly during 2017.

WorkMobile’s flexible application allows users to create mobile forms relevant to the specific job in hand, including site inspections, health and safety forms, site surveys and Site Diaries for all workers on site. Using a digital form to capture the information for these essential documents reduces the risk of data being lost or incorrectly collected, enabling businesses to meet compliance requirements. The app, which allows workers to capture data in real-time, can be accessed via the users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Richard Jackson, planner at McNicholas, said: “Before adopting WorkMobile, we faced challenges as a result of some inconsistencies within site reports. The main reason for these issues centred around the fact that paper-based forms can often be filled in incorrectly or misplaced due to human error. This made it more difficult to manage projects to the standard we were striving for and clearly demonstrate to our clients the good work we were actually producing. However, WorkMobile improves control over how reports are completed and submitted, and the accuracy of the data when it is collected.

“After completing our trial with WorkMobile, we and our clients were very impressed with the results – it provided us with an effective way to standardise the site report process. Now we have a solution that allows data to be captured much more quickly and accurately, meaning that we can present clear and concise reports to our clients. We will now be rolling out the solution to additional teams working throughout the business.”

Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “Site inspections and reports are crucial to ensuring projects are completed in line with contractual obligations. But having inconsistent completion of those makes the job of collecting and collating this information troublesome, and can present problems if clients need definitive evidence of the work that has been delivered.

“It’s great to see that our solution has managed to combat these issues. McNicholas now has a flexible tool kit that can help meet the needs of each contract quickly and effectively, so they can clearly demonstrate the service they have provided.

Watch the Workmobile features demo here.


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