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WorkMobile New Release Notes 11.15

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

This November sees the release of some handy new features in WorkMobile, we’ve listed these below and as always would appreciate your feedback on helping the team make improvements to WorkMobile.

1. Sketch on Photo

We’ve extended the photograph control so that you allow users to take a photograph and then sketch or annotate over the top.

2. Add from ‘Camera roll’

Another new feature of the photograph control is that you can optionally configure it to allow users to pick photographs from their camera roll. This is great for users who work in a way whereby they’ll take all of the photo’s that they need using the standard camera on their app as they work through a job. They’ll then fill a WorkMobile form in at the end and simply pick the photo’s that they did early and attach them to the form at the appropriate places.

3. Sketch on schematics

We’ve also extended the sketch control so that you can now supply a background image which the mobile user can annotate. This is the type of thing that you see on ‘car hire’ forms in which there’s a diagram of the car payout and somebody will mark up areas of damage.

4. Unique field names

For customers using the API for integration we’ve introduced the concept of unique field names. These are immovable names that can be associated with any field on the form and then referenced when using the API. This is really useful if you make a copy of a form as in the past the underlying field reference would change meaning a change to your code. Using the ‘unique field name’ feature overcomes this problem.

5 “In-Job” Status Updates

We’ve introduced a powerful feature which provides real-time updates when a job changes status. At the moment WorkMobile only sends a message back when the job arrives on the device and when the job is complete. We’ve now added live updates when the job gets either accepted or rejected.

6. Job Cloning

A new feature which allows you to select any job and duplicate it. This saves lots of re-keying of data if you have lots of similar type jobs.

7. Interactive calendar

The new calendar feature allows you to view your scheduled jobs ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ jobs to different days of the week as and when you need to change the date.

8. Improvement to the WorkMobile API

With our open API you now have the ability to:

  • – Request records when retrieving data

  • – Request a batch of records (including any sub-forms) starting at record n

  • – Add forms to user groups

For more help with these new features, feel free to contact the team on live chat or check our knowledge base for more details. see demo


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