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Why a lack of IT support is negatively impacting field workers’ attitudes to technology

A lack of support from field workers’ company IT departments could be responsible for their negative attitudes towards, and confidence with, technology. Our recent research, published in our Field service: the forgotten workforce? report found that this could be putting essential digital transformation initiatives at risk


We found that although 73% of field service professionals use some form of digital technologies while out in the field, many workers are still unconvinced of their usefulness. If companies fail to share the benefits of digital solutions with each team within their organisation, field workers risk missing out on communication with the rest of the team, as well as increased efficiency and productivity benefits.

So, how do field workers really feel about technology?

When we asked field workers to describe their feelings towards the roll out of new technologies, more than a third (35%) said they are generally reluctant to embrace them, with the majority (55%) saying that it can cause problems if the rollout isn’t carefully handled. With field service teams feeling apprehensive about technology developments, it’s necessary to look at where organisations are lacking to make them feel this way.

Where do employers fall down?

One of the reasons for this apprehension may be due to a lack of support from the business during roll out, with 41% of those surveyed saying that they don’t feel they’re given enough help and support when they’re told to start using a new piece of technology or digital solution. Because of this, 32% of field workers also told us that they often struggle to learn how to use new technologies.