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What to do with data you no longer need…

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Purging Data

Do you have data stored on WorkMobile that you no longer need? Well with our new ‘purge’ feature you can now permanently delete any unwanted records including associated media files, notification history and jobs (even if the job hasn’t been completed).

Carefully read through our simple step by step guide on how to enable Purge.

Please Note – Once data has been purged it has been permanently deleted and can not be retrieved!

1) Log into your WorkMobile account and select Forms from within the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Jobs highlighted within dashboard

2) Next, select the form you require.

List of entries

3) When you have been navigated to the ‘Form Dashboard’, select ‘Completed Records’.

You should now see a list of completed record entries like so;

4) Select ‘Enable Purge’

5) You now have the option to individually select each record by ticking the Purge check boxes. If you have a large amount of records to select, it may be easier to click ‘Select All’ then untick any records you wish to retain.

6) When you ‘Select All’, the following message will appear on your screen.

7) If you choose not to ‘Select All’ then you can individually tick the records you wish to erase.

8) If you have any job data that requires purging then select the ‘Include Job Data for Purge’ checkbox.

9) When you are ready to delete your data, select ‘Purge Data’

Please Note – It may be worth checking through each row of data to see if you have ticked the correct boxes, otherwise you may lose important data and once it is gone, it’s gone!

10) Once you have selected ‘Purge Data’ a warning message will appear on your screen like so;

11) Once you have selected ‘Yes’, you will be asked to enter your password. After you have done this, hit ‘confirm’.

Your data has now been purged.

So now you have a clearer understanding of how to use the purge tool! If you require additional support then why don’t you check out our support page? From here you will have exclusive access to a wide variety of knowledge based guides, video guides and more!

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact our support team!


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