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The untapped benefits of digital data collection

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

In recent years, many businesses have begun investing in different types of new digital technology that are helping them to challenge traditional processes and revolutionise the way that they work.

For industries in which a lot of work is carried out in the field, for example construction or utilities, among the most useful of these new technologies are digital data capture solutions.

Digital data capture solutions, such as apps, allow data to be collected and stored remotely via digital versions of forms and reports, instead of relying on outdated paper-based systems.

With a large proportion of workers often operating from various locations, using paper is not the most effective or practical method of document management.

Despite this, our ‘Death of the Papertrail’ report recently revealed that 67% of trade and utilities businesses are still heavily reliant on paper.

For those businesses considering adopting a digital data capture solution, here are just three of the main benefits:

Reduced costs

As the most basic option, paper might also seem like the most cost-effective. However, there are in fact many hidden expenses associated with relying on paper-based processes.

The paper itself is expensive, particularly as research has shown that some workers in the UK can use an average of 45 sheets per day, two-thirds of which are considered to be waste. Any paper that is not waste, must then be filed away either into bulky filing cabinets t