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Our Newest Handy Feature

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Introducing our great new features

In some cases, we need to cite or verify how recent a record was last uploaded, well now you can! Our new ‘Last Upload feature’ allows you to see the date and time of when a record was last uploaded.

So how do we use it? Well its simple…

1) Log into your WorkMobile account and select and select ‘Forms’ from within the navigation bar at the top of the page

WorkMobile dashboard

2) Once you have been navigated to the list of form entries, you should see a row of column headers above the forms.

Last upload

3) Select ‘Last Upload’ and it will each completed record in order of date and time.

So now you have a clearer understanding of how to use our new Last Upload feature! If you still require additional support then why don’t you check out our support page? From here you will have exclusive access to a wide variety of knowledge based guides, video guides and more!

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact our support team!


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