Our New and Improved Sketch Control

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Introducing our great new features

Our new and improved sketch tool provides you with a new set of tools to better annotate images or photographs

Imagine you are a construction worker and you are using a map image to identify a problem. You may want to use a symbol to highlight the location in which an accident took place, or to color co-ordinate locations into specific groups.

First of all, if you wish to apply an illustration over an image or photograph, you must enable this feature through the Form Designer.

To do this, select the Photo tool then tick ‘Annotate image’. In this instance, I’ve also chosen to ‘Allow from gallery’ however, this isn’t necessary.

Photo tool highlighted on the form designer

Once you’ve done this, you should now be able to login to your mobile app and try it out: –

  1. Log into the WorkMobile app and select the form you require.

  2. As you can see, the photo tool will give you the option to take a photograph or select a photo from within your gallery. Select the option you require like so.

New sketch tool on the WorkMobile App

I’ve selected a photograph from within my gallery to demonstrate how to implement shapes and text over an existing image. However, if you wish to just create an illustration without using an image then select the ‘Sketch’ tool instead.

3. Once you have captured a photo or selected one from your gallery, the page in which you can add shapes and sketches should appear on your screen. From here you should see a set of tools like so;