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October 2019 - Feature Release

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Release date : 22 Oct 2019


  • New feature - Report Builder Upgrade

  • New Feature - Ability to rename Report Attachments

  • New Feature - Auto App log-off

  • New Feature - Hide/show control decoration on form designer

NOTE : This release includes a new version of the mobile App. We therefore strongly recommend that you follow our best practice guide before upgrading.

Report Builder Upgrade

With support of the current Report Builder - SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 (SSRS) coming to an end with Microsoft, we've re-engineered some of the 'under-the-hood' technologies that we rely on and have been deprecated in later releases of SSRS. This enables us to use SSRS 2016.

Following this release we'll undertake a programme of carrying out report upgrades on an account by account basis. This activity will be coordinated via our support desk who will contact account holders when the upgrade is due to occur.

Ability to Rename Report Attachments

If you're currently using report attachments, you'll know that there's currently no way to control the name of the file. For example you may want the attached filename to contain the name of the customer and a job reference.

This new feature allows you to do just that by giving you the ability to pick a field from the WorkMobile form as the name of the file attachment. You can use expressions to build up a filename in the format that you require.

Auto App Log-off

You now have the ability to force mobile users to logout after a fixed period of time. This feature is defined at the user group level allowing to define different policies for different users.

Hide/Show Control Decoration on Form Designer

Within the form designer, you now have the ability to toggle the decorators that are displayed on each control and indicate if a field contains an expression, is required or is visible.

Android App, Menu Bar Icon Change

A minor UI change on the mobile App to help overcome some confusion with users saving forms to drafts rather than saving as complete.

The new menu bar within the forms screen now looks like the below:-

Retired Features

'Completed Records' Counter

We've taken the decision to remove the 'completed records' badge that would show the total number of completed records within a given form. As the volumes of data have increased on the platform, the performance overhead of generating these counts was beginning to have a significant impact on performance.

Resolved Issues

  • PBR 17975 - Fixed expression error in the form designer which incorrectly informs the user the the expression needs to use 'Unique Names' even when the unique names feature has not been enabled on the account.

  • PBR 18756 - Fixed issue which prevented the user specifying an initial value within the form designer for a drop-down list.

  • PBR 17492 - Fixed time-out issue which would intermittently occur when saving changes within the form designer.

  • PBR 18130 - Fixed intermittent issue in which background audio recording would sometimes incorrectly split the recording over several files rather than create a single audio file.

  • PBR 18488 - Fixed bug which prevented users setting a signature control on the form to 'required'

  • PBR 18201 - Expanded expression editor now sizes correctly.

  • PBR 17544 - Fixed issue within the new form designer which would cause skip logic to fail if the expression referenced values on a later page.

  • PBR 18161 - When clicking the 'Map All Locations' button on the completed records screen, the function did not respect the current filtered view and would show map locations for all records. This has now been fixed.


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