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New Form Designer (BETA)

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

We’ve recently carried an extensive overhaul of the new form designer so not only does it now have an improved look and feel, we’ve made it even easier to use.

So, what’s changed exactly? Well with the new form designer you can now…

• Click the tool you require and it will automatically appear within the form designer.

• Adjust the orientation of the form designer screen to so you can view the form in either phone or tablet mode.

• View the name of the tool you require by hovering over it with the cursor.

• Receive more helpful error messages when building your form which should help you to identify and resolve any issues.

• See if the field is marked as hidden or required by highlighting the appropriate box.

• When adding a formula to a field (including hidden and required field formula) you can now see this by highlighting the formula button.

• Have the ability to preview images on the form to see how they will look on the actual form.

• Acquire the ability to preview formatted labels within the designer to see how they will look.

• Improve visibility when using large formulas through the use of a larger and more expandable formula box.

• Upload media to your form and account library (for images and CSV files within files within the data file picker) through the use of our new drag-and-drop feature.

• Improved previewing of background images added to sketch controls within the properties box.

So now you’re familiar with the new features, stay put whilst I talk you through our simple step by step guide on how to get the most out of the new form designer!

1) Log into your WorkMobile account and select ‘Forms’ from within the navigation bar at the top of the page.

2) Within the menu on the right-hand side select ‘New Form (BETA)’ and this will navigate you to the Form Dashboard.

3) Enter a name for your form and add a form description if required. I’ve called mine ‘New Form Designer’, after you have done this hit ‘Save’.

You will now be navigated to the new form designer page where you can explore all the exciting new features the new form designer has to offer.

As you can see we have transformed the appearance of the form designer by implementing more color and adjusting the size of the form designer and properties box. To make life so much easier, WorkMobile have also ditched the ‘All Standard’ and ‘All Advanced’ buttons and decided to arrange each tool into clear, organised groups.

4) If you’d prefer to view the form designer in portrait mode, simply click the orientation button next to the form designer screen.

5) Why not try adding a text box? Simply click the text box Icon within the ‘Basic Data Capture’ menu and it will automatically appear within the form designer screen. You still have the option to drag and drop if that’s easier for you.

6) The property panel on the left-hand side allows you to adjust the behavior of the field. For example, within the ‘Appearance’property, it has allowed me to change the field caption. I’ve called mine ‘New Customer’.

7) Why not try adding an image to your form? Only this time, you can actually drag and drop the image from the file explorer folder. Simply select the ‘Image’ tool from within the ‘Layout’ menu on the left-hand side.

8) Within the properties panel, select ‘Image Picker’ and a pop-up page should appear on your screen giving you the option to either drag and drop an image file or upload an image from your computer. If you choose to drag and drop an image, simply open your file explorer, drag the image you require and place it within the blue box.

If you wish to drag and drop a CSV file, simply select the ‘data link drop down’ tool from within the ‘Basic Data Capture’ menu, click ‘Data File Picker’ and then repeat the previous steps.

9) To preview background images added to sketch controls, simply add a sketch control from within the ‘Media Capture’ menu, and then select ‘Image Picker’ from within the properties panel. Once you have uploaded your image, it should appear within the blank space like so;

10) when it comes to using formula, you can now improve visibility when using large formulas through the use of a larger and more expandable formula box. So how do we gain access to this feature? Well simply select the tool you require and within the properties panel underneath values, you should see a symbol that looks like this:

11) simply select this icon and a pop-up page should appear like so;

12) When you have finished inputting your formula, select ‘Done’

13) With the new WorkMobile form designer, you can now preview formatted labels to see how they will look on the WorkMobile app. From within the ‘Layout’ menu, select ‘Formatted Label’ followed by ‘Formatted Label Picker’. From here you will have the option to create a new label by clicking the plus sign icon.

You will now be navigated to a pop-up page where you can start typing up your formatted label. Once you have done this, hit ‘Save and Continue’.

This is what the formatted label should look like on the form designer screen.

So now you’re more familiar with the forms designers new and improved features! If you still require additional support then why don’t you check out our support page? From here you will have exclusive access to a wide variety of knowledge based guides, video guides and more!

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact our support team!


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