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New Form Designer (BETA)

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

We’ve recently carried an extensive overhaul of the new form designer so not only does it now have an improved look and feel, we’ve made it even easier to use.

So, what’s changed exactly? Well with the new form designer you can now…

• Click the tool you require and it will automatically appear within the form designer.

• Adjust the orientation of the form designer screen to so you can view the form in either phone or tablet mode.

• View the name of the tool you require by hovering over it with the cursor.

• Receive more helpful error messages when building your form which should help you to identify and resolve any issues.

• See if the field is marked as hidden or required by highlighting the appropriate box.

• When adding a formula to a field (including hidden and required field formula) you can now see this by highlighting the formula button.

• Have the ability to preview images on the form to see how they will look on the actual form.

• Acquire the ability to preview formatted labels within the designer to see how they will look.

• Improve visibility when using large formulas through the use of a larger and more expandable formula box.