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Charities switching to mobile solutions to boost engagement and support

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Major charities are abandoning the clipboard and are going digital in a bid to boost donations and reach out to new supporters.

Global aid charity, Oxfam, swapped paper-based sign-up forms for new mobile data capture solutions as part of their campaigning activity at festivals, simplifying the way supporters can join a movement.

The charity worked with the new WorkMobile for Charitiesmobile data capture solution. Using the solution at festivals across the UK, Oxfam has increased supporter interactions and has collected thousands of new contacts.

Many other charities are also discovering the advantages of ‘going digital’, starting by replacing paper forms with electronic alternatives. By using mobile forms, such as WorkMobile for Charities, charities can capture donator information accurately and securely in real-time on a mobile device, including names, addresses, contact preferences, donation information, images and signatures, helping to maximise the first point of contact with possible supporters.

Colin Yates, Chief Support Officer at WorkMobile, said: “Data and information about possible new supporters is extremely valuable to charities, especially when trying to maximise their fundraising activities and bring in more donations. But in today’s digital age, collecting and sharing information needs to be dynamic, with the ability to also link it to social media channels. Therefore, by switching to real-time paperless solutions, charities can engage with potential donators in a way they would want to participate in.

“WorkMobile for Charities has already helped charities like Oxfam simplify the way it collects information. Other charities are now following suit in a quest to become more digital and move with the times.”

Matt Jerwood, head of digital fundraising at Oxfam GB said: “Oxfam has been shortlisted for two digital engagement awards for our projects at festivals, and WorkMobile has provided key underpinning technology supporting those projects. Digital forms have helped Oxfam to engage with festival goers and, subject to their permission, allowed these supporters to be part of big digital campaigns after the festival season. We’ve been able to use mobile tech to link photos and audio files to each supporter engagement, something that paper could never achieve.

“We’ve enjoyed WorkMobile’s collaborative approach and their digital forms have helped us to transform both volunteer and supporter experiences with Oxfam at festivals. Not only have the digital forms sped up the process of inputting supporter details, they have largely automated the output too, saving time.”

WorkMobile can replace any paper form irrespective of its size and complexity. Forms can be created automatically and shared with a workforce of thousands in just minutes. Data is securely captured, transmitted and stored using the latest encryption technologies and international standards. All manner of data can be captured, including date and time, location, photos and signatures, on or offline.


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