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Benchmark Retail Services speeds up report creation with WorkMobile

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Benchmark Retail Services, the in-store marketing specialist, is improving the efficiency of the entire business and delivering a better quality of service to clients, with the help of a new mobile data capture solution from WorkMobile.

Benchmark Retail Services, which consult major brands such as 3M and Saint Gobain, adopted the innovative mobile application to simplify the capture of various types of information such as images, figures and commentary, and also speed up the creation of audit reports.

The system has enabled Benchmark to tailor digital reports to its specific needs, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Instead of waiting for the information to be manually uploaded to a portal, Benchmark’s clients can now receive data on factors such as stock rotations and promotional compliance using tablets and laptops in real-time.

Eliminating the need for paperwork, the cloud-based solution enables users to capture data through mobile forms, such as data, signatures, videos and photographs onto any mobile device in real-time. Mobile workers on the move can easily collect, monitor and share data, and jobs can be distributed to workers and updated at the touch of a button.

Mark Alexander, managing director of Benchmark Retail Services, said: “With few in-house resources or specialists in technology, and the rapid pace of change in this sector, working with an outside partner was always necessary. Our challenge was to ensure we found a company that could work easily and responsively to our brief, and could really appreciate the need to complete deadlines on time to support our clients’ needs.

“In WorkMobile, we found that partner, and the whole team there has been committed throughout to understanding what makes our business work, how its systems can support us and developing a bespoke solution. Clear, efficient and with no unexpected costs, the project delivered perfectly and the ongoing support has been as solid as it was through the development stages. WorkMobile has made our transition to tablet reporting very easy indeed.”

Colin Yates, Chief Support Officer of WorkMobile, said: “Benchmark Retail Services needed a solution to replace its traditional paper forms and bring it into the 21stcentury. Previously, data was captured and analysed manually; a process that was particularly time consuming and very costly to the business.

“WorkMobile has helped to significantly reduce these costs, while also making the entire company more efficient. A range of data can now be captured digitally and analysed quickly, meaning that reports can be compiled for clients to view in real-time rather than having to wait a few days for the data to be processed. With the cost of a paper-based solution completely removed, Benchmark will continue to benefit from the savings of using our cloud-based solution.

Watch the Workmobile features demo here.


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