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Release Note – 2014 Q2 Bonus Feature Release

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The following describes the features and fixes released on 27th August 2014.

New Features

  • Ability to bulk de-allocate and close jobs from the website Website users can now select multiple jobs on the portal to then de-allocate and close in bulk.

Limited Release Features

Limited release features are available on request only. For further information please contact

  • Mobile device file attachments (Android Only) Provides the ability to select a file such as an image or media clip from your camera roll and upload it as part of your mobile form.

Bug Fixes

The following known issues have been fixed:


5160: Bar code limitation of 200 characters removed 6343: Duplicate uploads from device 6518: Crash on inbox opening folder after ‘View Folder’ function 6542: Use of ‘&’ in mobile user name will cause error on Send/Receive


6540: Incorrect Drop Down value for non-Mobile editable fields 6543: Use of & in Mobile Username will cause error on Send/Receive 6525: Data Link Drop down issue over a page break


4891: Can edit fields of jobs which are ‘on device’, ‘completed’, etc. 5720: Cannot allocate to a job that has no operator editable fields. 5851: Desktop client download does not appear on dashboard 5931: Adding/Removing extra summary field to Job Type 4668: Can allocate a job based on an unpublished form 5039: Jobs can be edited while ‘allocated’, ‘on device’, etc. 5491: Read Only fields are able to be set to Mobile Editable on Job Type 6079: Username disappears on Mobile User Edit 6351: Error upon activating Job Type based on Sub 6368: Text Formatting issue on deactivating Mobile User 6420: New HTTP notification fails if target server is down 6474: Space being remembered on the end of Mobile User Name 6248: Added form fields not appearing on New Jobs 6475: Saving a deactivated Mobile User with Jobs will cause a timeout


6381: Can’t download media 6383: Can allocate jobs to a deactivated user 6473: Can allocate a Job to an unpublished Form 6512: Memory Control does not appear in Job Type


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