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FAQ’s made simple!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

How frustrating is it not knowing how to do something? You get all worked up then give up in a huff! Well, we have some really simple frequently asked questions, so you can ditch that frustration, and say hello to being a whiz on the little things you want to know!

Frequently asked questions usually consist of technical, complicated questions, when all you really need is simplicity to get from A to B. So, just for you, we have cut that technical language out and brought minimalism to your finger tips. Here are our FAQ’s:

Where do I sign up? Easy, go to our ‘sign up‘ page at the top right corner, this will take you to a new web page where you will be guided the rest of the way.

How do I use it? Go to our YouTube channel for straight forward, easy to follow step by step demonstrations. You can also go to our webpage and click ‘sign up’, this will take you to another webpage where the option for a ‘show me how’ tour is available. Alternatively, ring the guys here at eSAY.

How many fields can I use? You are free to use as many fields as you want or need.

How do I get more credit? Firstly, you need an account. Once loged in, click on the ‘buy credit’ tab.

How do I download the App? On your mobile device, go to your App store and search for ‘WorkMobile’, click on download and away you go. Alternately go to (no ‘www’ or ‘http’ needed).

Do you have to pay for the App? No, the App is completely free to download.

Do you have to pay for the service? Yes, you get the complete service through purchasing credits, we gift you 100 free credits when you sign up.

Why won’t my form appear on my device? When you have created the form, you are taken back to a page where there are other options, chose ‘publish’ then your form will be waiting for you on your device.

Why can’t I login with my email address? The email address and password you used to sign up is used only to login to the WorkMobile website. To login to the WorkMobile App, you need to use the Mobile User details that you have created when you signed up.

Where do I find my completed data? You can find your completed data in two different places. Either, go to the WorkMobile website then to ‘completed records’ where all your data will be.


You can set up an email notification and have the report sent to your InBox in a format of your choosing (Word, Excel, PDF, etc).

How many mobile users and forms can I make? You can create an unlimited amount of both Mobile Users and forms.

Can I have more than one login for one account? No, however, you are free to share your login details.


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