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Carlisle Security Announces eSAY Mobile as their Strategic Mobile Technology Partner

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Carlisle Security employees are to use eSAY Mobile’s handheld PDA devices whilst patrolling Mersey Rail and Northern Rail trains to record and issue penalty fines for byelaws such as feet on seats, ticketless travel and smoking and drinking.

Paper trail to electronic data

eSAY Mobile’s handheld PDAs will also enable security staff to electronically input incident details and produce the required legal witness statements, sign and email to Mersey Rail and Northern Rail in between train journeys, reducing administrative work and maximising their time on patrol.

Penalty notices are printed on-the-spot using mobile Bluetooth printers and legal documentation such as witness statements are generated automatically as PDF documents before being emailed to the relevant prosecutions departments. eSAY Mobile’s PDAs capture details of offences and send this in real-time to secure centralised servers in the cloud. eSAY Mobile will also create bespoke systems for monitoring the performance of patrol staff and fixed penalty notices for car parking in station car parks.

Commenting on the partnership, Jeff Higham, Head of Operations (North) at Carlisle Security said:

“Carlisle Security is delighted to partner with eSAY Mobile to deliver its data management needs on this high profile contract. For Carlisle Security, this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership with eSAY Mobile which will see demonstrable value added via a reduction in wasted time on administrative duties leaving more valuable time to spend in high profile customer facing roles. We are truly excited about the prospects for this partnership. There are many data management partners out there but we chose eSAY Mobile because of their outstanding track records, breadth of experience and more importantly, their customer care and time spent to understand your needs.”

Dr. Moneeb Awan, Managing Director at eSAY Mobile stated:

“We are thrilled to be chosen as Carlisle Security’s strategic mobile technology partner. I look forward to a real partnership between our companies and to us working closely together in the future. Delivering real value to Carlisle Security through mobile technology is our top objective. We are fully confident that our bespoke handheld PDAs will give patrol staff the time and technology to become more effective in their roles.”


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