Mobile Data Capture App

Mobile Data Capture App

WorkMobile is an award-winning mobile data capture app enabling staff working remotely to digitally record all essential business data. This can include any kinds of forms you have with the ability to make complex calculations, embed Photos, Video, Audio, Signatures, GPS Locations, Barcodes, Maps, Dates, and Timestamps. It also has the feature of a Job Dispatcher and Document Share function, allowing you to effectively communicate with your remote staff.

When the data is transmitted back to your central information hub, it can then be used in a variety of ways, enabling you to create all kinds of improved Workflows, Reports, Business Intelligence Dashboards, Alerts and Notifications – and all in real-time.

The WorkMobile Enterprise Edition enables IT Managers to easily create their own Mobile App to make better workflows and management tools for their business. With No Coding or Capex required our simple Drag and Drop App Builder can accommodate both simple and the most complex of your requirements. Stored securely in the cloud this central hub of information can be accessed, shared and integrated with any current systems you have. For more information on our Enterprise Solutions click here.


Available on every type of mobile device and covering all manner of industries, WorkMobile are specialists in data capture and have helped 100’s of companies realise significant cost savings and improved workflows. A Free Trial of our product is available on the contact page.

Mobile Forms Features


Form Builder


Convert any paper-based forms and reports onto the app. You can do this either by using our easy to use Form Builder or alternatively use our specialist team to build the mobile forms on your behalf.

You can add drop-down lists to make data entry quicker, easier and more consistent. Create linked lists that allow you to filter down on data.

Use ‘Excel Style’ formulas to build business intelligence. Perform calculations on numbers and dates. Build complex rules to validate data and ensure that you get better quality data at the source. Read more about the Form Builders' capabilities.


GPS Locator


The data capture app can auto-record the GPS location, date and time of when a form was completed or the location of specific assets.

You can view the data as either a set of coordinates (latitude and longitude), a street address or even Google Maps.

Wherever your employees need to be when they fill in your business forms on their smartphone, the time and location will be recorded.

Automatically triggering when a mobile form is completed, it’s ideal for recording where safety audits were completed on-site, or where timesheets were sent from.  Watch the GPS video to see how this works.




With the WorkMobile data capture app, staff can confirm that a mobile form has been completed with an automatic notification feature.

This allows your field-based team to use notifications to inform Head Office or their site manager instantly that progress has been made.

​Confirmation emails, invoices and copies of any form can appear in the inboxes of the people who need to know, all in real-time. Want to see how this can work? Visit our notifications page.


Report Builder


Build digital reports that can include any company logos or pictures and in many different formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word or HTML.

WorkMobiles data capture app empowers you to create a better reporting system to guide your overall business intelligence strategy and deliver meaningful information to the inboxes of people who need it  - customers, employees, and partners in real-time.

These reports also have significant benefits in terms of error reduction, compliance and ultimately cost savings to your business. See further examples on our report builder page.


Photo's & Video


WorkMobile gives you the ability to embed photographs into your mobile forms directly from your phone (or tablet’s) camera or camera roll for real-time, quick and reliable image capture.

What’s more, once you’ve captured a photograph, WorkMobile lets you annotate over your photographs to highlight and point out key pieces of information.

You can also embed location information directly into the photograph itself should you choose in order to demonstrate exactly when and where a photograph was taken. Further information on Photo's & Video here.


Dispatch Jobs


Organise and communicate work more effectively by using our real-time job dispatch feature.

WorkMobile can streamline the processes by creating and scheduling work and sending the information out to each worker's WorkMobile ‘Inbox’.

Receive real-time updates and notifications during the life-cycle of a job to know when a worker has begun traveling, arrived at the job, started and completed the work. Read more on the Job Dispatch section.


Share Documents


WorkMobiles’ data capture app has a Document Library feature, which gives you the ability to upload digital documents (PDF’s, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc) into a central repository.

Once in the library, documents are shared and automatically distributed to your field force via their WorkMobile app allowing them to be viewed at any time even if they’re offline.

Should you ever need to update a document, simply upload the new version into the document library and WorkMobile will take care of sending out the update to each mobile user. See our document share page.

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Pricing Comparison

When considering the price of changing to a digital data capture solution it is important that you stop to think how much your current paper-based process is costing you.

Take a look at our pricing comparison page and see which package is suitable.

At WorkMobile we don't have average customers, so we include a bespoke ROI calculation for your business as part of any formal proposal we present. For further information go to our pricing comparison page. 




Capture digital signatures using your smartphone or tablet. From proof of delivery to auditing, use WorkMobile to capture signatures and collect that vital piece of information in real-time!

If your business processes need you to capture signatures for functions such as proof of delivery, customer sign-off, delivery or audits, etc, then WorkMobile allows you to quickly and effectively build solutions to do this. 

Unlike paper documents, you can make signatures mandatory to ensure that forms can’t be completed without that all-important scribble. See the video on e-signatures.


Barcode/QR Codes


Easily add barcode or QR code scanning to your WorkMobile solution and make your processes even slicker.

Using a smartphone or tablet camera as a scanner improves the speed and accuracy of capturing the data you need.

You can also link barcodes and QR codes to your your own database lists to look up product or asset information.

This can be particularly helpful if you need to check information from your own database in relation to the barcode you are viewing. See how the Workmobile barcode feature can work for you.

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Workmobiles' data capture app can feed your captured data into tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, QlikView and other business intelligence tools to create powerful real-time dashboards. All of which can be created for you.

​Use these dashboards to give you insights into your business and help you make better decisions.

Share data with your customers to provide value add and give yourself that competitive edge. See further insights on our business intelligence section.


Demo and Free Trial


Book yourself a demonstration with one of our digital transformation consultants, who will help you with advice whilst showcasing how the Workmobileforms data capture app will help your business.

We will also help you develop your ideal forms and business workflow solutions.

You can also head to the contact page where we can get you set up on a 14-day free trial.

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