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Take a full selection of paper forms and integrate this into one singular mobile application.

Your remote workers can easily manage Site Surveys,

Site Planning, Health and Safety,

Site Diaries and Timesheets to name just a few,

all in one place.


Case Study

McNicholas selected Manchester-based WorkMobile’s award-winning mobile data capture solution as a key platform in its mobile workforce transformation.

One of the leading providers of services to the UK’s multi-utility and rail sector, McNicholas has adopted the WorkMobile tool to replace paper-based methods of data collection, as it aims to revolutionise its site report processes and improve its cost and project management.


The app can automatically record the location, date and time of when a form was completed or the location of specific assets.


You can view the data as either a set of coordinates (latitude and longitude), a street address or even Google Maps.

Wherever your employees need to be when they fill in your business forms on their smartphone, the time and location will be recorded.

Automatically triggering when a form is completed, it’s ideal for recording where safety audits were completed on-site, or where timesheets were sent from.

Business Intelliegence

The Workmobile app can feed your data into tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, QlikView and other business intelligence tools to create powerful real-time dashboards. All of which can be created for you.

​Use these dashboards to give you insights into your business and help you make better decisions.

Share data with your customers to provide value add and give yourself that competitive edge.

Build Any Form

Convert any paper-based site reports onto the app. You can do this either by using our easy to use Form Builder or alternatively use our specialist team to build the forms on your behalf.

  • You can add drop-down lists to make data entry quicker, easier and more consistent.

  • ​Create linked lists that allow you to filter down on data.

  • Use ‘Excel Style’ formulas to build business intelligence.

  • Perform calculations on numbers and dates.

  • Build complex rules to validate data and ensure that you get better quality data at the source.

Alerts & Notifications

With the WorkMobile app, staff can confirm that a form has been completed.


This allows your field-based team to use notifications to inform Head Office or their site manager instantly that progress has been made.

​Confirmation emails, invoices and copies of any form can appear in the inboxes of the people who need to know, all in real-time.

Pricing Plans

When considering the price of changing to a digital data capture solution it is important that you stop to think how much your current paper based process is costing you.


Having onboarded more than 200 customers they never know the answer to this question but a recent survey showed that an average customer was saving £170 per employee per month by using WorkMobile. That's a compelling return on investment for any business.   

At WorkMobile we don't have average customers so we include a bespoke ROI calculation for your business as part of any formal proposal we present. 

Photos, Video & Audio

WorkMobile gives you the ability to embed photographs into your digital forms directly from your phone (or tablet’s) camera or camera roll for real-time, quick and reliable image capture.

What’s more, once you’ve captured a photograph, WorkMobile lets you annotate over your photographs to highlight and point out key pieces of information.

You can also embed location information directly into the photograph itself should you choose in order to demonstrate exactly when and where a photograph was taken.

This makes it ideal for providing indisputable evidence for audit.

Site Management

Organise and communicate work more effectively by using our real-time job dispatch feature.

WorkMobile can streamline the processes by creating and scheduling work and sending the information out to each workers WorkMobile ‘Inbox’.

Receive real-time updates and notifications during the life-cycle of a job to know when a worker has begun travelling, arrived at the job, started and completed the work.


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