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Ideal For Couriers

Both domestic and business customers expect the speedy, secure delivery of their orders, and this is so much simpler with WorkMobile. You can easily communicate data between the office and your workers in the field as well as track the delivery status of dispatched items.


Delivery Information Captured in Clicks

A single form sent to delivery staff can capture data such as when and where a package is collected, the customer details and where to deliver to, signature of receipt, proof of delivery and much more. In a competitive business with a huge international dimension, one which is literally permanently on-the-go, efficiency is vital!


Compatible With All Major Mobile Platforms

WorkMobile is compatible with all major mobile platforms and can be also used as PDA software, rugged tablet PC, rugged laptops, rugged notebooks or rugged handheld devices eliminating the need to invest in expensive new hardware.

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Photo Capture

Allow your couriers to capture and send photographs back to the WorkMobile server. Electronic forms can be converted into reports or delivery confirmation documents with your own branding.


Geo Stamping

Record the exact location of where the form was submitted – so you can easily stamp forms when a parcel is picked up, packed, loaded and delivered.


No Internet Connection? No Problem!

With WorkMobile on your mobile phone or PDA you can capture data, even locations, without a phone signal.

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Device Setup

WorkMobile is compatible with all major mobile phone and tablet devices including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Thanks to ‘WorkMobile Desktop’ can also be used on rugged devices and tablets.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated Technical Support team will help integrate WorkMobile within your back office systems.

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